How Does It Work?

Women with needs that fall outside federal, state, or local resources may apply for assistance through 100 Women Strong by calling our program office. Applicants are asked to describe their emergency need and the sources they have contacted for assistance. Applicants will also be asked for background information that will aid in the screening process.

To be eligible, an applicant must be:

  • A resident of Berrien County
  • Working and/or attending school/college
  • Ineligible for other financial assistance
  • Able to show the assistance given will meet the need in its entirety
  • Able to demonstrate that financial independence can be maintained once assistance is granted

All information collected will be verified & requests for assistance can be processed quickly. In addition, Allocations Coordinators for 100 Women Strong ensure that applicants are accessing all available community support. Assistance with personal budget planning is offered to help prevent future pressures and emergencies. If approved for assistance, payment is made directly to the provider of the goods or services. Grants will not be paid directly to applicants.

Women in need of assistance please call: 269-332-1890

Or Email us at: